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Many homeowners look to designers for inspiration when it comes to floors.

Some want materials rich in history, or modern in terms of warmth, comfort and environmental friendliness. There's a wide range of flooring options to meet your aesthetic and performance requirements. Flooring needs to be durable enough to handle everyday wear-and-tear, pets and even high heels.

At Burnstown Building Supply we can help you choose the right flooring for every room in your house.

More than just functional, flooring and tile are the most powerful ways to make a dramatic and luxurious design statement. Whether you’re restoring an old floor or installing a new one, Burnstown Building Supply has the product selection and advice you need to achieve a look you want - contemporary, traditional or classic. Locking hardwood and laminate floors are do-it-yourself projects that can transform a room from bland to beautiful. Need a quick fix for a basement or spare room? Durable, moisture resistant vinyl plank flooring installs over old existing floors or concrete without the need for sub-floors or underlayment. 

Depending on style, colour and wear, we know the importance of selecting something that will last. Choose from hardwood, laminates, and vinyl.

At Burnstown Building Supply we can help you choose the right flooring for every room, based on your lifestyle, colour and wear requirements. See our selection in-store and talk to one of our staff. Shop online for products, tools, and accessories you need for your project. Have a big project? Request a quote.

Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is easy to install and offers endless design possibilities that will perfectly blend the rooms in your home. Goodfellow offers 11 design styles with various finishes and colours. So whether you're looking to create a unique vintage space or want to show off a high-end natural feel, we'll help you pick the right laminate for your dream room. 

Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl is perfect when you need a little more protection against water. Taiga offers many vinyl finishes for every designer's taste including plank and tile sizes that install with the greatest of ease and in the most common of places. Vinyl is now a star with commercial and residential installers for its durability, look and feel.


Hardwood Flooring


We stock various thicknesses of #1 Pine: 1/2", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2". Pine is an inexpensive, lightweight wood that can be yellowish or whitish with brown knots. Pine resists shrinking and swelling, but is prone to scratches and dents.

Red & White Oak

Oak is a hardwood that tends to be grainy. There are two varieties. Red oak is often used for interior pieces such as cabinets, and indoor furniture. White oak is more resistant to rot, and is suitable for boat building and outdoor furniture.


Birch is a hard, heavy, close-grained hardwood with a light brown or reddish colour with a fine, even texture. It's easy to work with using hand and machine tools, but is perishable, so it must be treated. It has a uniform appearance.


One of the hardest wood species, maple is often chosen for heavy-use items like dressers and kitchen cabinets. It's affordable and ultra-durable, takes dark stains well. It needs to be properly sealed first or the stain can look blotchy.


Mahogany colours vary from very pale pink to a deeper reddish brown, sometimes with streaks of medium to dark reddish brown and tends to darken with age. Most types of mahogany are known for easy workability, combined with beauty and phenomenal stability.




Let us know the details of your project.

We can answer your questions, review your options, as well as help you plan and budget with a quote.

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